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Adlatus is German for ‘Loyal Assistant’. These industry-leading robotic floorcare machines are manufactured at their base in Ulm, Germany.

Adlatus products are designed to assist cleaning contractors, facilities managers and companies that have in-house cleaning teams increase productivity, raise standards and reduce ongoing costs through innovative, autonomous solutions.

Their CR700 autonomous scrubber dryer has won a huge number of awards including the Automated Cleaning Challenge which was organised by DB Services.

The innovation lab pitted cleaning machines from four international manufacturers against each other. Each machine went through the same series of challenges and Adlatus comprehensively outperformed the competition. 


Adlatus Control Panel

Class Leading Intelligence

Other cleaning machines use third party software whereas Adlatus design and build their own bespoke operating system allowing precise integration with the specific strengths of their CR700 scrubber dryer.

As the home of Adlatus in the UK, we support you throughout the entire process of implementing robots on your site. We can either use your latest plans or plot your premises ourselves to create a detailed blueprint. We then plan routes which ensure your CR700 operates in the most efficient way possible. We can tailor cleaning programs allowing you to benchmark chemical and water usage. 

Cleaning reports are produced upon completion of each cleaning program and, if you connect your CR700 to the WIFI on site, it will be automatically emailed to every contact that has been set up on the machine. This real time monitoring of your water and chemical usage, together with the time taken to complete the cleaning tasks, allows you to track and demonstrate the improvement in both productivity and environmental impact.

There are three different levels of log in so you can rest assured that only authorised people will have access to your machine. 

Full Automation

Adaltus’ innovation does not stop at the machine itself. The S700 may be installed almost anywhere on site.

Your CR700 will automatically return to the Service Station at the end of each cleaning cycle. Once docked, the S700 will empty the CR700’s recovery tank, refill its’ clean water and charge its’ batteries so it is ready to go on its’ next cleaning program.

Adding a service station not only gives you a completely autonomous cleaning system but it drastically reduces the amount of time staff spend interacting with the CR700. They simply wipe the squeegees, refill the chemical reservoir, and check the brushes or pads – a total of 10-15 minutes per cleaning cycle. They are then free to raise standards, deep clean or sanitise elsewhere.

Spot cleaning can be done by manually driving the machine to the location of the spill and then setting the radius required. The machine can also be used as a traditional pedestrian scrubber dryer in case you need to quickly clean a small area and don’t want to run an entire cleaning program.

Made To Serve Not Replace

Create time for your staff by changing their roles. Staff that are currently spending one, two or three hours sitting on or walking behind a scrubber dryer may be utilised elsewhere by changing to Adlatus autonomous FloorCare. Your CR700 looks after the floors whilst your staff raise standards across/sanitise other areas of site.

An Adlatus robotic scrubber dryer reduces long term costs through increased productivity too. The CR700 will perform the same program to the same level day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. That level of consistancy means you can accurately predict consumable spend so you have fixed costs for the lifetime of your contract. True innovation.

Unrivalled Features

Adlatus equip the CR700 with three methods of scanning.  Three sonar transceivers work in conjunction with a 3D Infrared Camera and 2D LiDAR to build a detailed picture of the environment. With those systems working in tandem the CR700 can avoid obstacles and detect people – it will stop if the person starts to move towards it and if they are standing still the CR700 will slow down and divert around them.

The machine scans a 25 meter distance from each side to provide itself with perfect orientation and total collision avoidance.

As Adlatus are continually improving their products, we offer software upgrades free of charge for the lifetime of your machine – every time it is visited by one of our technicians they will make sure your unit is running the latest firmware. Adlatus are working on cloud connectivity which, when rolled out, will mean your robot will be automatically updated provided it is connected to the WIFI on site.

However, this continuous development doesn’t stop at software. Adlatus are currently developing a sanitisation kit for the CR700. It will attach to the rear of the machine and apply disinfectant/sanitiser behind the squeegee bar meaning your robot will clean, dry and sanitise in a single pass – all completely autonomously.

Skilled Support

Ongoing support. Our staff have been trained at Adlatus’ headquarters in Germany. We install every machine and train your staff on delivery so your system is ready to clean from day one.

Operatives will be shown how to use, clean and maintain the machine and certificates will be produced for your records. We can also underpin all scrubber dryers with optional pre-planned engineer visits.

Reactive service requests can be raised through our central team and an engineer will generally be on site within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on the way we look after every machine we supply and hold all major spare parts in stock.

The future is available now – Adlatus robotics. Designed to serve.