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The NX range from Numatic represents a new dawn in battery powered cleaning equipment. One battery fits the entire range so you can spec the exact machines for your site and can add batteries or chargers to your fleet to suit your needs.

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A Battery Beyond Boundaries

Numatic’s new NX300 Lithium-ion battery delivers 60% more available energy than their previous batteries. Its’ innovative 30 cell design has been tested for over 2,500 cycles for long lifespan and has a built-in battery status and health check safety system.

A one-hour fast charge brings the battery from 0% to 80% meaning less downtime for your equipment. A full charge takes just two hours from completely empty.


With more NX machinery planned, Numatic are pushing the boundaries of commercial cordless technology.

Swap the Mop

A huge leap forwards in upright scrubber dryers, the NUC244NX is the perfect solution for cleaning smaller or congested areas. Typically mopped, these areas are not suitable for even the most compact of pedestrian scrubber dryers. The 244 is different.

At 440mm, it has a similar scrub width to larger scrubber dryers giving fantastic productivity, but the flexible cleaning technique means unmatched manoeuvrability. A 2-litre capacity, adjustable solution flow and liftable squeegee assembly allows for a pre-scrub of high traffic or heavily soiled areas.

Like all NX machines, the 244 can be purchased as a machine-only if you already have NX models on site or with a battery and charger if this is your first machine from the range.

Leave Your Lobby Brush

Completely revamped for the NX Range, the RSB150NX is Numatic’s backpack vacuum offering.

A hi/lo mode gives the option of low-noise daytime cleaning and elongates the machine’s run time to 80 minutes. A battery backpack gives the user ultimate freedom – no need to look behind you to check your cable or tub vacuum – allowing you to focus solely on the job in hand. 

Perfect for stairs, the RSB150 allows the user to vacuum one-handed leaving their other hand free to hold onto a handrail. It is also at home in any environment as you have the option of the upgraded HEPA model that can be used where fine dust is particularly prevalent.

Buy the RSB150NX with a charger and battery or machine-only.

Cordless and Compact

Updated to join the NX range, Numatic’s ever popular TTB1840 is a fantastic compact scrubber dryer.

An 18-litre capacity gives ample cleaning solution through to the 400mm scrub brush or floor pad. The handle folds flat onto the body to allow for easy storage or transport in a van and you can adjust the amount of water dispensed so you can dose more chemical in high traffic areas and then dial that back to manage ongoing spend.

The TTB1840 can be purchased as a machine-only or with a battery and charger.

Cordless Cleaning with Caddy

Need to take a cloth and a couple of supplies with you when you vacuum? The PBT230NX is the machine for you.

A virtually indestructible Structofoam drum featuring large rear wheels for increased manoeuvrability, the PBT also has a telescopic handle making it easier to ‘bump’ up staircases. Attached to the frame of that is a handy, removable storage caddy so you no longer have to make two trips to the cupboard. 

Just like the NUC244NX, the PBT230 is available complete with a battery and charge or as a machine-only if you already have an NX300 battery and charger on site.

Longer Run, Job Done

Simplicity at its’ finest. The NBV190NX is a fantastic option for sites that need to vacuum open areas but where power sockets are few and far between.

An 8-litre capacity means this NBV will use the same NVM-1CH bags as your standard Henry, NRV240 or VNP180 so you do not need add more consumables to your cupboard.

The NBV190NX can be purchased as a machine-only or with a battery and charger.

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