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Numatic was founded in 1969 in the Somerset town of Crewkerne, in southwest England, where they produced their first commercial vacuum cleaner design for cleaning coal, oil and gas fired boilers.

In 1981 their path changed forever. They released a tub vacuum with a happy, smiley face and Henry was to mold Numatic’s future. Over 10 million Henry vacuums have been produced since and the range has established a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and performance. Despite ever-growing sales and a rock solid reputation, they are not limited to just Henry.

Numatic produce a vast range of products including industrial vacuum cleaners for specialist applications like construction site M Class dust extraction, asbestos pickup and computer clean rooms. Their popular TwinTec range of scrubber dryers is available from the compact TT1840 up to large ride on scrubber dryers and the majority of their walk behind machines are available in both mains and battery power. 

All Numatic machines are proudly built in the United Kingdom.


A Battery Beyond Boundaries

Numatic’s new NX300 Lithium-ion battery delivers 60% more available energy than their previous batteries. Its’ innovative 30 cell design has been tested for over 2,500 cycles for long lifespan and has a built-in battery status and health check safety system.

A one-hour fast charge brings the battery from 0% to 80% meaning less downtime for your equipment. With their new X-Change plan, Numatic have created a range of machinery that can be run from the same battery meaning you can purchase the right machines for your site and then add as many batteries and chargers as you need.

With more NX machinery planned, Numatic are pushing the boundaries of commercial cordless technology.

TwinTec FloorCare

All Numatic scrubber dryers now have Structofoam rust resistant chassis. Their gel batteries are stronger than their predecessors so they deliver longer run times and machine life. Numatic’s new squeegee blades are alkaline resistant for a longer gap between changes and their new colour coded construction means that training new operatives is easy – they only need to press or adjust the coloured parts of the machine.

Available in 18 litre, 30 litre, 40 litre, 60 litre and 85 litre walk behind models, Numatic scrubber dryers are also available as five different ride on models.

ReFlo Technology

As part of their environmental policy Numatic have invested heavily in their ReFlo Technology. ReFlo takes products produced that don’t meet their rigorous quality control standards and regrinds them into cost-effective products of unbeatable quality, robustness and reducing their carbon emissions by 807 tonnes – the equivalent of running 174 cars for a year! 

ReFlo products include their ECO-Matic range of cleaning trolleys that contains four extremely cost-effective base units and a huge range of optional accessories so you can configure exactly what you want.

Good for you, good for the planet.

Specialist Vacuum Cleaners

New for 2019, Numatic’s TradeLine vacuum cleaner range includes the TEM390A which has M Class filtration for use on construction sites. Large rear wheels and an extending handle provide easy transit across uneven surfaces and up stairs. Their patented AirFlo technology, triple layer bags and HEPA 13 filter deliver advanced filtration for pickup up fine dust. 

A Power Take Off allows you to plug your tools directly into the vacuum cleaner so the machine will turn on when your power tool is in use and will turn off a few seconds after you stop work. TradeLine vacuum cleaners are the choice for any tradesman.

Numatic also produce H Type vacuum cleaners for hazardous substances, clean room machines and AP wet vacuums that automatically empty themselves so you can move large volumes of water.

We hold a vast range of Numatic products in stock.