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P-Wave are the market leaders in washroom consumables. Based in Britain, their vast range of products are recyclable, easy to install and simple to manage and hugely enhance the experience of the user.

From industry leading urinal screens to long lasting, aerosol-free air fresheners P-Wave’s products give a consistent, uniform and pleasant fragrance for 30-days. Simply replace once a month and put in your recycling waste to guarantee you give your washroom users the best possible experience.

P-Wave are constantly pushing innovation developing new products to keep them ahead of the market – their HEX 3D urinal screen was already the highest performing screen available but that has been replaced by the new Slant6 which is double sided so it cannot be fitted incorrectly and has ‘virtually no splashback’.

Your washroom deserves P-Wave.

Urinal Screens

P-Wave have taken Urinal Screens to a new level. Their stronger fragrance lasts 30 days and gives washrooms a consistant freshness. Screens are available as Slant6 for standard urinals or a Trough Screen to fit larger systems found in stadia, concert venues and many other high traffic toilets. They are all 100% recyclable and contain an additive that biodegrades 70% of the plastic should they find they way to landfill by mistake. Bacteria is infused in all P-Wave screens that pass into and deoderise the drain below every urinal adding to your washroom’s fresh scent.


Slant6, P-Wave’s newest screen, is reversable so it cannot be fitted the wrong way up and features ‘virtually zero splashback’ due to its’ unique design.

Aerosol Free Air Fresheners

P-Wave’s range of air fresheners are 100% recyclable, highly fragranced and extremely versatile. They can be used with or without their dispensers so you can simply place them in a place with good airflow, such as by a window or door, and replace every 30 days to keep your whole room smelling great. 

Unlike aerosol fresheners, there is no respiratory risk and the spread of smell is efficient and effective rather than being projected in a single column. Their Eco Air Freshener has been designed to fit other manufacturer’s dispensers so you can switch to P-Wave without having to change your units.

Good for your staff and customers, helps your budget, great for the planet.

P-Hold Stericore Door Handles

The emergence of COVID-19 means that surface hygiene has never been more important. Contact points are becoming an increasing problem as constant disinfecting is almost impossible. Purehold Stericore is the answer.

Independent tests prove that their protection lasts for 10 years. The handles are tested to kill MRSA, e.Coli and are the only door handles in the world that kill Norovirus. We are awaiting test results against SARS-Cov-2, the strain of Coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

P-Hold Stericore handles are 60-minute Fire Rated, non-porous so dirt cannot penetrate them and are designed to be wipe cleaner – there are no dirt traps, corners or recesses.

P-Hold Stericore handles are available as D-Handles, Push Plates and lever handles.