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Pacvac began operations in Perth, Western Australia, in 1978. Since their inception, Pacvac have continually challenged the way the world understands efficient cleaning by designing and producing products based around performance, comfort and durability.

An independent ISSA study shows that you are nearly three times more productive when using a backpack vacuum cleaner than you are with a tub.

Pacvac’s commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are the professional cleaning industry’s choice for high performance vacuuming. Their ergonomic design makes their machines the lightest and most comfortable backpack vacuum cleaners available. Pacvac’s Superpro Battery 700 Advanced is the most powerful battery vacuum cleaner on the market. This updated version has 50% more run time than its’ predecessor, takes just an hour and 45 minutes to charge from completely flat and weighs only 5.7kg. It won the Innovation Award in the Carpet Cleaning Category at The Cleaning Show in London in 2019.

Unrivalled Comfort

The harness on Pacvac backpack vacuum cleaners has been designed in conjunction with leading ergonomists from the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and is endorsed by the CAA as the safest way to vacuum. Lightweight at just 5.2kg for the mains powered Superpro 700 and 5.7kg for the Superpro Battery 700 Advanced and only 4.6kg for the Velo, weight is distributed around the user’s body while the machine’s centre of gravity is kept close to the operator minimising stress, strain and fatigue.

The body of the machine is isolated from the operator reducing heat and vibration and both the back support and straps are fully breathable for added comfort during extended use. Pacvac have designed their machine’s kit so the user maintains correct posture while vacuuming. 

Performance and Efficiency

Pacvac’s patented Hypercone filter guarantees consistent airflow meaning no loss in suction, even when the bag is completely full. Compare that with a traditional tub that pulls air directly through the detritus it has already collected reducing airflow into the machine impacting vacuum performance and increasing the potential for the vacuum motor to overheat. Pacvac all but eliminate that. 

The Hypercone filter, coupled with the three other filters that Pacvacs use, make both Superpro machines HEPA rated as standard meaning nothing but ‘clean air’ comes out their exhaust. Pacvac’s clear lid creates a cyclonic movement of air entering their vacuums increasing pickup performance and meaning that you can see when the machine needs emptying. The Velo’s sealed bag and cartridge filter deliver the same filtration level as Superpro machines while maximising space. 

Both the cable and battery Superpro use the same accessories meaning we can easily support your arsenal of vacuum cleaners from our extensive stockholding. There is one option for floor tools, wands and hoses eliminating confusion. 

True Durability

Pacvac have designed their machines from the ground up to be used in the commercial environment. They have built the body from premium plastics ensuring a study build quality. Pacvac use premium vacuum motors guaranteeing maximum performance and longevity. Traditional combination floor tools have brushes that have to be raised and lowered using a paddle switch on the top of the tool meaning your operatives are treading on it every time they move from carpet to hard floor or vice versa. Pacvac are different. Their combination floor tools have gates on either side meaning pickup is maintained right to the edges of the floor and they do not need to be adjusted when changing floor surfaces so no need to stamp on them.

Your consumable spend will reduce by switching to Pacvac. You will elongate the time between replacing accessories as backpack vacuum cleaners are not pulled along by their hose. That also means that they don’t crash into fixtures and fittings around site so you won’t be replacing castors. Two machine washable, triple layered reusable bags are supplied in the box of each Superpro 700 and paper bags are used in conjunction with those adding even more filtration and an extra step of motor protection.

Pacvac are so confident in the build quality of their machines that they offer a two year commercial warranty on their machine’s body and motor.  

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