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Secure Sage Pay


Apex Supplies Use Sage Pay - What Does That Mean?

Submitting your personal information such as your credit card details over the internet can be worrying. Sage Pay is a secure payment system. By using Sage Pay we can ensure that your details are handled only by Sage Pay and the provider of your credit or debit card. That means the only people that see the transaction are your bank or building society and the secure transaction portal - Sage Pay.

How do I Know if a Site is Secure?

It's easy to check if a website is secure. Simply look at the URL which is the web address at the top of the page. If it starts with https:// you are on a secured page and if the URL starts with http:// you're not. 

What Cards Can I Use with Sage Pay?

We accept all major credit with the exception of American Express.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.