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Fimap E-Spray

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E-Spray is a professional gun sprayer that uses electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces – even on areas you can’t reach. Lightweight and easy-to-use, the E-Spray is powered by a lithium battery giving you cable-free sanitisation and hours of run time. Germs and bacteria spread across the entirety of the surface quickly. Tight corners and hidden spots are particularly difficult to clean with traditional methods. Disinfecting effectively by hand takes a very long time adding to its’ high cost. Fimap’s E-Spray coats a surface quickly and evenly with a sanitising solution. The electrostatic applicator provides an electrical charge to the solution. The charged molecules repel each other giving even coverage but are also attracted to the treated surface. The strength of the charged particles is greater than gravity so they do not fall to the ground meaning the E-Spray can be used on the underside of desks, tables and seating creating 360-degree coverage leaving the whole area sanitised. It can also be used to disinfect traditionally difficult areas such as computer keyboards, telephones and supermarket checkouts. Because the electrostatically charged droplets are attracted to the surface, stick creating a coating and can reach the entire targeted area evenly – right down to the most hidden points. The cloud of charged particles completely envelops the surface and sanitizes every part of it. The solution is also sprayed in very small, light drops so no wipe down is required. The machine comes with a 40 micron, 60 micron and 80 micron nozzle. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the disinfectant liquid used for effective results.


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