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Motorscrubber Force

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Scrubber Dryers have been the go-to
machines for cleaning main areas for
years. Their size means they are great at
covering those larger sections but
struggle when it comes to detail work,
stairs and tighter spaces.
MotorScrubber aim to eliminate that
problem with the Force.
It uses the cleaning solution, vacuum
system and power from the main unit.
Your operator simply uses your scrubber
dryer and unclips the Force when they
want to clean smaller areas. Dirty water
is recovered into the main machine?s
tank so there is no need for external
drums or additional cleaning solution.
Once you have finished with the detail
work the Force is quickly clipped back
onto your scrubber dryer and your
operator can continue with their main
The MotorScrubber Force can be fitted
onto almost any battery scrubber dryer
before it leaves us or retrofitted to a
machine that is already out in the field.

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