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Numatic HFM1515G

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In 2018 Numatic introduced their new FloorCare colourway – graphite-based machines and anything the operator needs to use is now red.

All HFM machines have a 1500W brush motor that powers the chuck via an oil filled planetary gearbox. That setup guarantees fantastic cleaning performance, extended machine life and smooth handling. They also
have an adjustable handle so any operator can comfortably use a Hurricane floor machine. The Hurricane 1500 series has a 450mm (17 inch) deck that can take a variety of brushes from the standard scrubbing brush through a soft shampoo or polishing brush to a tough Longlife heavy duty carbon bristled stripping brush. Drive boards are also available if you want to use floor pads and both a solution tank and Dustrol kit are available if required.

The HFM1515G is standard speed 150rpm. In general, standard speed machines are used for scrubbing, stripping or adding agitation to a carpet cleaning process. This machine is supplied without any accessories so scrub brushes, shampoo brushes and drive boards are available separately.

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