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Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 Advanced

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Pacvac are the world leaders in backpack vacuum cleaners. Their machines are designed around quality, comfort and performance.

The harnesses they use have been by designed by leading ergonomists and in conjunction with the chiropractic association of Australia, where Pacvac are based, to disperse the machine’s weight correctly over the users body and to keep the centre of gravity close to the operator guaranteeing maximum comfort and minimising fatigue.

The Superpro Battery 700 Advanced is supplied with two battery sets. One set gives a 45 minute run time so you have an around and a half straight from the box. Each set take just an hour and 45 minutes to charge, nearly 50% less than the closest competitor, so downtime is as low as possible. Its’ 300W brushless motor is covered by a 2 year commercial warranty and produces 1,500mm H2O of suction. To put that into perspective, the next best commercial battery backpack vacuum cleaner has 1,000mm H2O – the Superpro Battery 700 Advanced has incredible vacuum performance. A 4 stage filtration system includes a paper bag, reusable bag (2 supplied with each machine), exhaust filter and Pacvac’s unique Hypercone filter. Not only does that Hypercone improve airflow but the four filters together mean that all Pacvac machines have HEPA filtration as standard meaning ‘clean air’ is the only thing that comes out of their exhaust.

Pacvac have worked together with some of the world’s leading accessory manufacturers to design an extremely durable kit that optimises performance by keeping the floor tool flatter to the ground. As the machine is not pulled along by its’ hose like a traditional tub vacuum you will see a reduction in your consumable spend. Backpack vacuum cleaners are also standout performers against both tubs and uprights in terms of productivity – an ISSA study shows that operators are almost three times quicker when using a Pacvac compared with a tub. We have a customer testimonial that says their staff coverage has increased from 251 to 358 square meters per hour since they started using the Superpro Battery 700 giving them “an annual saving of £75,000.”

Pacvac is the complete commercial vacuum cleaner. Comfortable, reliable and efficient.

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