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SpaceVac Lite Kit

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The SpaceVac Lite cleaning kit features their award winning lightweight high-level cleaning system but can now be used with any 32mm vacuum hose.
While cleaners and maintenance teams might vacuum floors and stairways as part of their regular daily/weekly cleans, anything above eye level is often left uncleaned. These areas are often a crucial part of building maintenance for both client satisfaction and safety.
Removing high level dust from lights and cable trays reduces fire risk by preventing dust level ignition and stopping light fittings overheating. It keeps premises secure by removing debris obscuring CCTV camera and motion detector devices. Health of occupants is also improved as research has shown that high level dust effects respiratory complaints such as asthma.
SpaceVac Lite features their S.A.F.E.R. locking system and includes 3x 1.25 meter Carbon Fibre Composite Poles, 2x Specialist Cleaning Brush Heads, 1x Carbon Fibre Cleaning Head, 1x Specialist Hose Adaptor and 1x Storage/Carry Bag.
Make Lite work of cleaning at height with SpaceVac.

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