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Truvox Multiwash Battery 340 Pump

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Revamped with a new colourway, Truvox?s
range of Multiwash II scrubber dryers
are multi-purpose cleaning machines.
They are effective for scrubbing hard
floors, escalators and travellators as
well agitating solution into low pile
carpets and entrance matting. Instead
of a chunky vacuum motor, Multiwashes
have a flick tray system that features
a rotating drum to remove dirty water
from each brush so even the largest
Multiwash can get into tight areas due
to its low body.
Starting at the 240 that has a 240mm
cleaning width, the range passes
through a 340mm model right up to a
440mm version to increase productivity
over a large area. The 340 and 440 are
available with solution pumps to provide
a more consistent and directed supply
of cleaning solution. A battery powered
340 gives the option of no cables if
All Multiwash machines are supplied
with a set of standard scrub brushes
but a range of accessories are available.
Colour coded brushes for healthcare
environment, hard scrub brushes for
tougher dirt, soft carpet brushes,
escalator brushes and side brushes to
allow edge cleaning are available.

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