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Viper AS510C

£1,572.90 Ex. VAT

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The Viper AS510C is the bigger brother of the AS430C.

They have the same 50 litre all-in-one tank construction with a front facing fill point. They also have the same 20-metre high visibility power cable and 750 watt brush motor but unlike the AS430C the 510 has a wider 20 inch scrub width. Viper have fitted the AS510C with their 4 sided squeegee blades to make the machine as cost effective as possible – once you have worn the leading edge you rotate them and then flip them over and repeat the process lowering ongoing costs.

We supply the AS510C with a 510mm Polyscrub Brush and Drive Board to give you the option of using floor pads. The AS510C will use 20 inch Goldline Floor Pads.

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