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Virustatic Shield

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The Virustatic Shield is a innovative, reuseable antiviral face covering.

The product is a result of 10 years research and testing between the manufacturer, UK Biochemists and academic institutions such as the University of Manchester. Enveloped viruses, such as Influenza and Coronavirus, get their name because they are wrapped in a protein envelop. Virustatic Shield’s innovative fabric coating disrupts that protective membrane, killing the virus. The coating is designed to be applied to single layer materials for pandemic situations. It transforms the base material into an antiviral, multi-functional protective snood that is effective against >95% of aerosolised pathogens. The bioactive filter material ensures protection against pathogen inhalation and exhalation protecting the wearer and other people. This unique design also means the snood is safe to touch.

Virustatic Shield is designed to provide adequate sealing of the face to cover critical viral infection points such as the nose, mouth, ears and chin. These face coverings are washable up to three times with just water. You only need to wash them for hygiene reasons – they do not become ‘clogged’. Their performance is consistent and constant. With average use, it is recommended to wash the snood with just water after every 50 hours of use giving you up to 150 hours of protection from a single face covering.

Virustatic Shields are more comfortable in use, more environmentally friendly and more cost effective than single-use disposible masks.


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