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Exclusively imported into the UK by us here at Apex, Timberline is designed and manufactured by the RPS Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin, USA.

RPS have been producing high-end FloorCare since 1986. Machines that are designed to achieve unequalled cleaning performance, give long term value for money through class-leading durability and the practicality of a variety of deck types and pad options.

RPS have conquered the top 10-12% of the market. Timberline is their new range of machines that incorporates all RPS’ values but at an achievable price point.

Built Tough

Timberline scrubber dryers are constructed from a high-quality, all steel chassis.

All major componants such as the scrub deck (number 1 on the picture), traction drive (3) and squeegee assembly (4) are bolted directly to the chassis rather than being fixed to plastic tanks. Our machines also have industry-leading 90kg sealed actuators that drive our scrub heads into the floor for maximum downpressure.

That pressure is turned into cleaning performance by heavy-duty, high-torque scrub motors delivering the best possible results from all of our machines.

Reimagining a Classic

How do you improve the traditional disk set up? Build it better.

All Timberline scrubber dryers have an actuator that applies up to 90kg of pressure on the floor. That pressure is turned into class-leading cleaning performance by heavy duty, high-torque brush motors.

Available in as a 17 or 20 inch single disk set up on the 45-litre S-Series and a 20 inch option on the larger, 60-litre M-Series or a twin, counter-rotating disk option from the M-Series right up to our largest XL-Series in a variety of scrub widths from 26 through to 32 inch. But, what is the point in agitating the maximum amount of dirt from the surface if you’re going to leave it there?

Timberline scrubber dryers have class-leading pickup. Almost all floors are left touch dry so even though conventional disk machines are suited to flat and smooth surfaces but the cleaning power of Timberline models mean our disk models are equally at home on aggressive tiled or non-slip flooring.

This natural cleaning performance of Timberline machines will allow you to reduce your chemical consumption.

Disk scrubber dryers will always require a pre-sweep.

Simultaneously Scrub and Sweep

Timberline cylindrical scrubber dryers have either a single or two rod-shaped brushes that turn in opposite directions. They remove small debris and scrub the floor so are often referred to as ‘scrubber sweepers’.

Our cylindrical models are ideal for cleaning uneven or rough surfaces and for use in sites with large amounts of debris such as pallet chippings and metal or plastic filings as they are collecting in a tray behind the deck so they can be disposed of in the correct way.

Timberline cylindrical models have the same 90kg brush pressure as the rest of the models and identical brush motors to the disk models. Unlike disk models, our cylindrical machines are belt driven which gives the deck a more compact set up and allows it to still be raised and lowered effectively. 

All brushes are reversable meaning they can be periodically rotated to even out wear. Like disk machines, light-grit brushes are available for industrial applications and nylon versions are great on heavily textured flooring. 

Cylindrical Timberline models are available for our M, L and XL pedestrian machines plus our ride on models that are coming soon. Our S-Series is available as a grout machine. That single-brush cylindrical doesn’t sweep but is ideal for scrubbing uneven flooring on smaller sites such as schools, gyms/health centres and swimming pools.

Chemical Free FloorCare

Orbitz is a huge step forward in FloorCare technology.

RPS pioneered rectangular headed scrubber dryers and their latest range of Timberline equipment boasts the same unrivalled cleaning performance across all internal floor surfaces but with a new improved design.

The bearing assembly has been changed given even greater reliability and our machines have updated isolators to make for an even smoother use.

Orbitz decks move at nearly 3,000rpm and have the same 90kg adjustable deck pressure as all Timberline scrubber dryers. There are 49 different pads available for our Orbitz machines – including the compact Nano and mains powered Orbitz 20 – so you can perform almost any task.

They can be used to deep clean, diamond polish natural stone, restore grout lines, sand wooden floors and even strip polish – all with just cold tap water. Our Orbitz 20 can also be used to clean low pile carpet.

Keep Your Machines Cleaning

Timberline’s unique tank design and filtration system provide the best possible protection to the machine’s vacuum system.

Incoming dirty water is directed towards the back of the tank and away from the vacuum inlet. A large ball and catch float assembly blocks off the vacuum system when your recovery tank is full reducing the risk of overfilling.

After that Timberline fit a dry filter to prevent dust ingress into the motor and, finally, if any water does manage to escape your filters and into the motors it is expelled through the exhaust but, critically, internal components like batteries are protected.

The vacuum motor’s exhaust is directed into a specially moulded well in the tank assembly. That leads to an escape tube that ends at the side of machine so excess water runs away and out keeping your batteries dry.

Your Machine. Your Choice.

Timberline scrubber dryers are available to purchase, either as a standard transaction or via leasing which allows you to spread the cost of your equipment over two to five years. They are also available on a fixed term hire basis bundling the machine rental, consumable costs and maintenance package into one monthly payment.

We offer machine installation on delivery so your operatives can start raising standards from day one. They will be shown how to use, clean and maintain the machine and certificates will be produced for your records.

Our ongoing support is second to none. We pride ourselves on the way we look after every machine we supply and hold all major spare parts in stock.

Tired of low quality FloorCare? Timberline is the solution.

Let us show you a Timberline on a site and at a time of your choice.