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New for 2021 and exclusively imported into the UK by Apex Supplies, Timberline FloorCare machines are designed and manufactured by the RPS Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin, USA.

Since their inception in 1986, RPS have specialised in cleaning systems and surface preparation technology designed around performance, durability and practicality.

Starting at the 9 inch Nano Orbitz, Timberline’s range includes four pedestrian scrubber dryer models that are all available with a variety of deck types and sizes meaning there is always a Timberline perfect for your site.

Timberline gives you class leading cleaning performance, durability and build quality at affordable prices.

Timberline Double Cylindrical Deck
Timberline Orbitz Deck

Why Choose Timberline?

Three different deck types. Timberline disk scrubber dryers use either a single or two flat pads or brushes that counter-rotate while water is dispensed to each. In general, they apply more pressure and agitation to the floor than a cylindrical machine because there is more brush/pad contact with the ground. Disk machines are most suited to flat and smooth floors but Timberline machines, with their HD 1 horsepower motors, are equally at home on aggressive tiled or non-slip flooring. Disk scrubber dryers require a pre-sweep.

Timberline cylindrical scrubber dryers have either a single or two rod-shaped brushes that turn in opposite directions. They remove small debris and scrub the floor so are often referred to as ‘scrubber sweepers’. They are ideal for cleaning uneven or rough surfaces and for use in sites with large amounts of debris such as pallet chippings, metal or plastic filings. Larger detritus will require a sweeper even if you have a cylindrical scrubber dryer.

Orbitz models are Timberline’s range of innovative oscillating machines. Oscillation provides a unique level of performance without chemical and is particularly effective on traditionally difficult surfaces such as non-slip and Altro flooring. It can also be used to sand wooden floors, diamond polish natural stone and strip with just water. Results are often achieved in a single pass increasing productivity by up to 75% compared with traditional methods and the system uses up to 70% less water than a conventional scrubber dryer.

Why Choose Timberline?

Less downtime. Timberline’s unique tank design and filtration system provide the best possible protection to the machine’s vacuum system.

Incoming dirty water is directed towards the back of the tank and away from the vacuum inlet. A large ball and catch float assembly blocks off the vacuum system when your recovery tank is full reducing the risk of overfilling.

After that Timberline fit a dry filter to prevent dust ingress into the motor and, finally, if any water does manage to escape your filters and into the motors it is expelled through the exhaust but, critically, internal components like batteries are protected.

The vacuum motor’s exhaust is directed into a specially moulded well in the tank assembly. That leads to an escape tube that ends at the side of machine so excess water runs away and out keeping your batteries dry.

Why Choose Timberline?

Orbitz, our chemical-free oscillating system gives unrivalled results on almost any hard floor.

It can deep clean, diamond polish, restore grout lines, daily clean and even strip polish with just water. Orbitz is available as two standalone machines – the Nano which is a fantastic detail tool for areas such as around toilet bowls and the Orbitz 20 which replaces a traditional rotary machine to raise standards in the main areas on site.

Orbitz technology is also available on Timberline scrubber dryers and their rectangular heads get into edges and corners eliminating the need to manually clean anywhere.

Why Choose Timberline?

Ongoing support. We offer machine installation on delivery so your operatives can start raising standards from day one. They will be shown how to use, clean and maintain the machine and certificates will be produced for your records. We also underpin all scrubber dryers with optional pre-planned engineer visits.

Every Timberline scrubber dryer we supply can be covered by our Platinum Service Package giving you security that it will be maintained in the highest possible condition through scheduled preventative maintenance visits. Reactive service requests can be raised through our central team and an engineer will generally be on site within 48-72 hours. We pride ourselves on the way we look after every machine we supply and hold all major spare parts in stock.

Tired of low quality FloorCare? Timberline is the solution.

Let us show you a Timberline on a site and at a time of your choice.