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Viper are a division of the Nilfisk Group. Based on Copenhagen in Denmark, they produce reliable, easy-to-use and service friendly cleaning equipment ranging from wet and dry vacuum cleaners to walk behind and ride on scrubber dryers. Viper machines offer extremely good value for money and cater to anyone who want a product that has no ‘bells and whistles’ but does the job. 

As a leading Viper distributor we stock all major spare parts and accessories meaning we can quickly support every machine we supply. 

FloorCare that Makes Sense

Viper have designed their scrubber dryers to be a simple as possible. All you need to do is fill the machine with cleaning solution, turn it on and clean. The cleaning solution and vacuum system can be operated independently so you can pre-scrub heavily soiled areas if needed.

Squeegee blades are four sided giving even greater value for money and can be changed on site without tools. Filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced in a matter of seconds so regular operator maintenance is quick and easy. Viper FloorCare machines offer a simple, cost effective solution to cleaning hard floors.

Sweeping Statement

The PS 480 is Viper’s only sweeper. It combines the simplicity of no batteries, motors or vacuum system with a good sweeping performance. A 38 litre hopper gives ample capacity to collect paper, leaves, bottle caps, corks, cigarette butts and even small screws and nails from internal and external floor surfaces. 

Continuing Viper’s core values, the PS 480 is built on a rugged frame and the brooms are rotated via a belt drive. Both the side broom and barrel sweeper are adjustable so performance is maintained throughout the life of brushes.

Great Value Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are looking for a walk behind/pull back or extraction machine Viper carpet cleaners will give unbeatable value for money. All of their carpet cleaners have an arsenal of accessories allowing you to clean any surface – stairs, upholstery and detail areas. Solution and recovery systems are independently controlled so high traffic or heavily soiled sections can be given the attention they require. 

Simple Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Viper’s range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners are available in four sizes – 35 litre, 55 litre, 75 litre and 95 litre. They range from single motor options to the giant LSU 395 that has three 1000W bypass motors that develop 125 litre per second of airflow. All LSU machines have orange high visibility cables and, with the exception of the LSU 135, are emptied via a dump hose.