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The Virustatic Shield is a result of 10 years research and testing between Virustatic and UK Biochemists alongside other academic institutions. Unlike ordinary face coverings, the Virustatic Shield has a revolutionary protein coating that deactivates, disrupts and terminates viruses.

This team have now scientifically proven that their antiviral protein compound, Viruferrin™, developed originally for flu pandemics, is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. Laboratory tests by independent scientists from VisMederi at the University of Siena found it inhibits SARS-CoV-2 at a cellular level by creating a protective shield over parts of the cell to prevent the entry of virus cells.

Virustatic Shield is the only face covering available that has a protective Viruferrin™ coating. The shields design contours the face and cuts the escape of virus-laden fluid aerosols and droplets. The face covering snood is lightweight and can be worn in much greater comfort that FFP2 or FFP3 masks for hours at a time. It is safe to handle, reuse and is effective for up to three washes.

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The Science Behind the Shield

Influenza-style viruses infect their host by binding to receptors in the upper respiratory tract. Once there the virus can cause a cough, fever, breathing difficulties and, in severe cases, organ failure.

Enveloped viruses, such as Influenza and Coronavirus, get their name because they are wrapped in a protein envelop. Virustatic Shield’s innovative fabric coating disrupts this protective membrane, killing the virus.

Virustatic Shield’s cationic properties mean it works on a virus 400 times smaller than a human hair so it does not matter if they are small enough to fit through the fabric. The Face Covering’s coating mimics the body’s own cells to bind with virus significantly reducing infectivity.


Easy to Wear

To ensure maximum protection pull the garment over your head and position over your nose, mouth and ears.

If you double the layer of fabric over your mouth and nose (as shown in the User Guide below) the effectiveness of the anti-virus element is increased.

If the Shield is loose or becomes loose with wear there is no need to throw away. It can be secured in any way, traditional hairgrips or hair bobbles work well.

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Washable and Reuseable

To maximise the active lifetime of your Virustatic Shield hand rinse with no detergent.

You can wash your Shield as frequently as you want, but the coating has been tested and found to be fully effective for at least three washes.

The product is hand wash only.

Always the Virustatic Shield alongside official hygiene guidelines.

Download the User Guide by clicking below: